Four years and counting

I have reached the four year mark since the initial presentation of the tumor. I’m still doing exceptionally well, with no clinical sign of disease. I have allowed myself to make some plans for the future. I have been taking technical courses, and have become an independent computer consultant working in the securities industry. I have three regular clients and am enjoying my work again.

For some time now, I have wanted to discontinue taking Dilantin. A recent blood test revealed my level was 11 (far below the therapeutic range of 40-80) so I’m getting no benefit from this drug. [U.S. readers please note: Dilantin levels are measured differently in Canada, so those measurements will not be similar to your experience.] Yesterday (Feb 13th) I had an EEG scan at a local hospital, in order to see if it’s safe for me to taper off the Dilantin. This is controversial, as an EEG might provide a “false negative”, but nevertheless if the result is as I expect it will strengthen my resolve to be “drug free”. Neither my family doctor nor my neuro-oncologist will advise to stop taking the anti-convulsants even though I have never had a seizure.

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