14 years. Who’d have thought it?

This last week I celebrated I passed 14 years since the initial presentation of what was originally thought to be Glioblastoma Multiforme. It probably wasn’t that, and the current diagnosis according to my neuro-oncologist is Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma. I’m not even sure of that. The only thing I’m sure of based on the pathology report is that have/had “unequivocal glioma” and that it has not progressed in 14 years.

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  1. Julia Khvasechko says:

    I enjoyed reading your story.
    April 2nd, 1998, I had a temporal lobectomy to remove my brain tumor.
    I have been so lucky. I am coming up on 13 years of good health (minus the two years of recovery post my surgeries) and I value every single day. What I thought would surely kill me turned out to make me stronger, wiser, and far more at peace than I ever thought imaginable. That brain tumor changed my life forever. Today I am grateful for every day… I see every day as a new opportunity and I thank the universe for every challenge that comes my way. I am determined to live a full and productive life.
    Every day I get to run is a gift. As the sun rises over the still sleeping city and Melissa Ethridge’s “I run for life” blares through my headphones… I say ‘Thank you for this gift of life’ and I humbly say please let me be worthy… let me do good… let me make a difference in some way… let me leave the world a better place than I found it… show me the way… I am your servant… guide me in whatever direction you want me to go… and thank you for giving me another shot at this thing called Life!
    many blessings to all of us for we are all survivors of something,

  2. Damyanti Patel says:

    Thank you for giving access to your journey. I have been well so far but I feel we should not ignore or forget those that are going through trying times. It was good to know how you have changed your thinking around life and it being a gift. the appreciation around the rising sun.

    What I have found useful is to think along the principle is that we all have souls within us. The carrier of this soul is our body, so I say/pray to the soul to help keep my body well, keep me away from all the malices of jealousy, hurt to others, hatred, attachment to worldly materials. And if others also have souls just like us, to ask for forgiveness to their soul if we have hurt them. Using words that are pleasant.
    Thank You once again

  3. susan armstrong says:

    Thank you for your story Julia! Thanks for giving me some hope! I have recently been diagnosed with a Astrocytoma, grade level 2, (infiltrating), and my last MRI done just three months after my diagnoses shows aggressive growth and therefore now waiting to find out when my second biopsy will be done to determine what grade level the second site is.
    Thank you for your inspiration!
    God Bless, Susan

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