Annual clinic visit today

I had my MRI last week, and today I returned for my annual two minutes with my neuro-oncologist (or whichever resident he delegated to this time.) Actually, I really saw him this time…for about 45 seconds. First a disembodied voice (from the doorway of the examination room) announced that my scan was “great” and then he entered the room and told me that he didn’t need to see me again for 2 years!

The last time my neuro-onc wanted to go more than 12 months between clinic visits, I resisted. This time I had no issue with his plan. If anything happens I can always call.

When I have time I’ll update this post with links to the latest scan and radiologist’s report.

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  1. John Lee says:

    John. Thanks so much for an inspiring story!

    I found you site while I was doing some research on my mom’s condition. I was doing my own study of her tumor for last one month, like a crazy person day and night.

    I have a loving mother with 2 sons(including me) and 6 grand sons who was diagnosed with GBM just last Thursday. Right now I and my family is going through the toughest time of our lives and day by day its getting worse. I desperately need your help on certain topics on treatment. She lives in Toronto but I live in Los Angeles. She is 63 years and I am 39. I am a work injury physician-a specially trained chiropractic physician for work injury-.

    She worked and sacrificed all her life for her family and for the last 6 years she was working as a missionary(christian) to an underdeveloped oversea country. I just can’t let her go like this.

    The radio oncologist says she may have the most one year which I refuse to believe.
    Here’s some info.
    First diagnosed: Mid april 2011 as Low grade glioma Left temporal lobe. 2-3 cm
    Surgery by Dr. Zadeh at Toronto Western, Oct 10th 2011. Dx confirmed GBM . KPS >80.

    Currently is waiting for Radio at Princess Margaret. on Oct 10th.

    I am a Canadian living in US for last 20 years so I only have very little knowledge about the OHIP system for cancer patient. All my family is confused and blinded and misinformed about the possible treatment procedure options and details. So I was wondering if I could help me and kindly provide some information about her future care and suggestion that you learned through your amazing fight to this devastating disease.

    John Lee

  2. sean says:

    Thank you and God speed.

    My wife was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in May 2010. She received chemotherapy and then had a single mastectomy in Oct 2010.

    In March of 2011 the medical team found that her cancer had metastasized in the form of a brain tumour. Dr. Bernstein was assigned to her case and he operated (successfully) over March break 2011. (Day surgery! In the OR by 8am and home in her own bed by 6:30pm! The wonders of modern medicine never cease to amaze me!!)

    Everything was going great until last Friday, Dec 16 2011, when we were informed that the cancer had returned in the form of another brain tumour. Pretty much the same place as before.

    We’re meeting with Dr Bernstein tomorrow to map out a plan of action – obviously, beginning with surgery and then radiation.

    After all of this my wife is incredibly optimistic and believes the tide will turn. I’m thankful that Bernstein is on our team – he is amazing.

    In the meantime, I continue to hold her as tight as possible whenever I can and tell her how much I love her at every opportunity. I feel helpless beyond words, but I know that our families and friends are rooting large and that miracles do happen.

    That’s it, that’s all – for now! Just wanted to share.


  3. Sam Misale says:

    Hi John,
    My Wife found your site which I just read. Its very inspiring and brings hope to me and my family.
    I live in Brooklin, Ontario, probably not too far from you based on your accounts.
    I’ve been recently diagnosed with a brain tumour which has been giving me mild seizures to my right leg and is apparently 10cm in length.
    I’ve seen Dr. Jullian Spears and Dr. Loch MacDonald (St. Michaels) so far and I have an appointment with Dr. Bernstein this coming Monday morning.
    I like Dr. MacDonald so far but am very excited to see Dr. Bernstein based on your story and numerous other stories and articles that I have recently read.
    My family and myself are greatful to hear your story and I’m happy that you have a clean bill of health and a new outlook and approach to life.

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