An interesting few weeks

Long time readers of my blog might remember when I posted an update called “A little Scare” in 2003. In it I related being hospitalised overnight after having stroke-like symptoms. The theory after that incident was that I was having a silent migraine with neurological symptoms. At the time I had already discontinued taking Dilantin.

Over the next few years I would occasionally have milder repeats of that event, sometimes left-sided and sometimes right-sided. They would always resolve in 2-3 hours and I would be back to normal.

On May 17th, I woke up in my weekday Toronto apartment with similar left-sided (but worse) symptoms. I called 911 at 5 am, and was transported to St. Michael’s hospital in downtown Toronto, where I remained until May 31st. During my stay I experienced my first unequivocal seizure on May 21st, complete with biting down hard on my tongue so it bled. After the seizure stopped I was immediately put back on Dilantin. By the time I was discharged I was able to walk with the aid of a walker, but this event clearly left some long term damage.

After St. Michael’s I was admitted to Providence Heathcare, a rehab facility in east end Toronto, where I stayed, doing physio and occupational therapy until discharge on June 22nd.

I’m writing this from my hobby farm on July 8th. I went to my first out-patient physio and OT sessions at Peterborough Regional Health Centre on Friday. They did new assessments and concluded that I’m close to normal again, such that I probably don’t need further physio. I just need some occupational therapy that will hopefully assist in resolving a persistent tremor in my left (writing) hand.

I’m not yet back at work, and my wife gave up my rental apartment (and with it my internet provider and therefore the websites that were self-hosted in my apartment.) That’s the reason why this website has been down. I now have new hosting, and the website is mostly back up (except the images, which I hope to restore soon.)

I do not have a definitive diagnosis for what just happened, and I have scheduled appointments with my family doctor (July 10th) and the attending neurologist at St. Mike’s (July 27th.) My current theory, which I hope will be confirmed, is these were all seizure related problems, dating back to the first incident in 2003.

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  1. As a continuing GBM [4] brain tumour patient who has gone through most of the available conventional treatments, including Avastin, those interested in your blog may also be interested in mine, as it documents my experiences. The blog is not solely about my illness, because there are many things I write about, but the section is a diary which leads back over the past two years.

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