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  1. Suzanne Marron says:

    Thanks for sharing your story … I am 50 yrs old diagnosed on 2/29/16. Oligiodendroglioma grade 3 an aplastic … I had the tumor completely rescected on 3/2 /16 and 42 days of Temodar with 30 days of Raidiation …. I m on my 4th cycle (5/23) of Temodar and get my MRI’s every 8 weeks … Hopefull that in November I will be taking my last round .. I am getting progressively exhausted and gaining weight each round … I am planning on getting back to the gym next week after my 5th cycle My nuerosurgeon told me not to read the statistics because I will be fine …. They keep telling me I am young and healthy …. 6 months later I am feeling old and tired so I love hearing others who have good results Stay well

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