4. Continuing the journey

Questioning my pathology report

I read a study of long term Glioblastoma survivors that suggested that there is a 1.5-2% chance of five year survival. Interestingly, the same study quoted similar numbers for the chance that any given patient was misdiagnosed.

A look at my diagnostic pathology report raises some interesting questions. Although classified as GBM (due to cellular atypia, vascular endothelial proliferation, and areas of necrosis) there was no evidence of cell division (mitosis). I have learned that malignant gliomas, like glioblastoma multiforme, can sometimes be confused with “pilocytic” astrocytoma (a much less malignant tumor) if the pathology sample exhibits vascular proliferation and a not particularly piloid background. Distinguishing factors are absence of mitoses (as in my case) and the presence of granular eosinophilic bodies (also mentioned in my pathology report).

A more recent photo (1999) with my hair regrown, post treatment

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